The rodents and mice are the notable dangerous and grimy rodents which consistently want to live inside houses, eateries, building and condos. These animals can annihilate all the upholsteries, furniture, attire, shoes and socks. They for the most part like to live in these spots as they get all their particular necessities from these spots. These rodents create different unsafe ailments by littering and peeing around the utensils and nourishment things in the kitchen. They can likewise wreck the furnishings and upholstery in the lounge rooms. They can without much of a stretch get into the cabinets and annihilate the important garments. Other than these they additionally wreck the electrical and electronic apparatuses by wearing off the wires and links of the electrical and electronic machines. These rodents additionally like to breed in house. So it is a need to drive the rodents from the houses and to stop mice reproducing just as to stop mice rearing.